All About WRLWND

Welcome to WRLWND. We’re bringing clarity to the technology conversation. If you’re a new user or just curious to know a little more about us, keep reading!

Joining the Discussion

WRLWND is all about generating discussion and tapping into our shared expertise. That’s why we’ve made it easy to connect with our editorial team on the platform of your choice. We’ve chosen to integrate with Disqus, which means you’re able to log into the comment section without having to create a new username and password – you can use your existing Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Disqus accounts. That said, if you would like to make a new WRLWND account you can click “Join” from the top menu-bar and choose a username for the site.

We’re always monitoring the conversation on the articles and commenting is one of the best ways to get in touch with our editorial team. You can also connect with us on any social network where or editors are active and send us a note.

Getting WRLWND in Your Inbox

We understand that you might not always have time to check in to WRLWND, so we’ve made it easy to get our latest stories delivered to your inbox. We hate SPAM as much as the next person, so be sure to tell us exactly which newsletters you want to receive.


Video, video video. We’re all about video here at WRLWND. We think it’s a great way for us to deliver quick bits of information to you. Currently, we’re taking advantage of YouTube’s wonderful (they really are wonderful!) channel options, so if you’d like our new videos delivered to you whenever you log into YouTube, head over to our channel and subscribe.


Since we’re in beta we would love to hear from you. So tweet us, comment the articles, write on our wall and vote in the polls. We’ll take all this feedback and mull it over as we continue to build the full WRLWND site behind the scenes. If you’d like to send us some private feedback, we’ve got you covered.

Contacting Editorial

We’re always on the lookout for a great story and if you think you’ve got our next hot lead, please send it to one of our editorial team members. If you’re note sure who your best target is, we have set up a forwarding address at This address forwards to all our editorial team members, and we’ll take it from there.

Contacting Sales

Yes, we do that too! In fact, we’re just as innovative on the sales side of the office as we are on the editorial side. We would be happy to discuss your plans and ideas. You can find all our sales and advertising information on our contact page.

Media Kits and Calendars

We’ll post media kits and editorial calendars on our sales page as soon as they become available. If you’re looking for information regarding our coverage of a specific topic or trend, please use our editorial contact address.